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Current Activities

Clarus Initiative

NOAA is partnering with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on their "Clarus" Nationwide Surface Transportation Weather Observing & Forecasting System Initiative. Clarus (which is Latin for "clear") is an initiative to develop and demonstrate an integrated surface transportation weather observing, forecasting and data management system, and to establish a partnership to create a Nationwide Surface Transportation Weather Observing and Forecasting System. The objective of Clarus is to provide information to all transportation managers and users to alleviate the effects of adverse weather (e.g., fatalities, injuries and delays).

We serve on the initiative management team and coordinating committee; and are planning efforts to complement the system design and field tests. While NOAA already has access to approximately 20 state Road Weather Information Systems, Clarus will add access to additional system and provide a prototype data management and communications system that NOAA can transition to operations.

Clarus will benefit NOAA and our stakeholders by

  • Adding data for forecast decision-making, weather model initialization, and verification of warnings and forecasts
  • Strengthening ties between agencies with similar objectives; FHWA & NOAA
  • Providing a key demonstration for NOAA's Integrated Surface Observing System (ISOS)
  • Aligning surface weather observation networks with the Global Earth Observation System of Systems/ U.S. Integrated Earth Observing System

Vehicle Infrastructure Integration

Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) enables enhanced transportation response and planning through improvements to weather observations, models, and predictions. NOAA is joining the VII Working Group to participate in the development of test and operational vehicle probes. Data from vehicles will provide a mobile sensor capacity on the ground to complement the aircraft and ship data NOAA already receives.

For more information on how NOAA envisions using vehicle data, see our joint FHWA-NOAA presentation for the VII Working Group and our applications of vehicle probes presentation from the 2005 Transportation Research Board meeting.

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January 30, 2006 10:39 AM

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